Add a burst of excitement to your event with our magical 10ft Balloon Dome! Perfect for any celebration, this colorful inflatable dome is built with safety and sturdy construction in mind, ensuring a fun and secure playtime for kids. Create unforgettable memories with our delightful and dependable Balloon Dome. Book your rental today and let the fun begin!


Supervision Required: An adult must supervise the inflatable at all times to ensure the safety of all participants.


Age and Size Limits: Only children aged 2-12 years old are allowed on the inflatables. Do not exceed the maximum of 5 people at a time.


No Shoes Allowed: All participants must remove their shoes before entering the inflatable to avoid damage and ensure cleanliness.


No Sharp Objects: Ensure that no sharp objects, including toys, keys, jewelry, or glasses, are brought into the inflatable.


No Food, Drink, or Gum: To maintain cleanliness and safety, no food, drink, or gum is allowed inside the inflatable.


Weather Conditions: Do not use the inflatable in high winds, rain, or thunderstorms. Deflate and secure the inflatable if weather conditions become unsafe.


Safe Play Only: No flipping, wrestling, or rough play is allowed. Encourage children to bounce and play safely.


Capacity Limit: Adhere to the maximum capacity limits. Do not overcrowd the inflatable to prevent injuries.


Entrance and Exit: Ensure children enter and exit the inflatable safely, using designated entrances and exits.


Anchor Points: Do not move or tamper with the inflatable's anchor points. Ensure all tie-downs and stakes remain secure during use.


Deflation and Storage: When not in use, deflate the inflatable and store it properly as instructed by The Mini Bounce staff.


Damage or Malfunction: If the inflatable becomes damaged or starts to malfunction, stop use immediately and contact The Mini Bounce for assistance.


Cleanliness: Keep the inflatable clean and free of debris. Avoid using it with wet or dirty clothes to maintain hygiene.


No Pets: Pets are not allowed inside or near the inflatable to avoid damage and maintain safety.


Setup Location: Ensure the inflatable is set up on a flat area free of sharp objects and obstacles.


Electrical Safety: Keep the blower and electrical cords away from water. Do not operate the blower with a damaged cord or plug.